About us

We believe that good craftsmanship pays off, and it is our vision to create functional and unique kitchens, furniture and interiors that can last for generations.
When you decide on a MINO product, it has received love throughout the process, from the first sketch until it is in your home.
Our master carpenter from Hungary has more than 20 years of experience in selecting and processing the best materials for each individual product. His detail focus and understanding of the materials, their unique qualities, how they are processed and work together, is completely unique. Which is also why we can offer unique carpentry kitchens and other handmade solutions such as fitted wardrobes, walk-in, shelving, business solutions, bathroom furniture and furniture at attractive prices.


MINO is about realizing your individual dreams for quality solutions, by cultivating the good craftsmanship, and choosing the best materials. Which is why we value individual adaptation, design freedom and sustainability higher than fixed design lines and concept kitchens.

Sustainability forms the framework of MINO. Our suppliers are carefully selected and all our wood is PEFC and FSC certified.